Hi there! I’m the guy with the checkered shoes. I’m also a web & graphic designer, musician, and photographer.

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What the heck is your story, Mr. Checkered Shoes Man?

I was born in San Diego, CA in September of 1987. When I was six-years-old, I was given my first piano and I haven’t stopped playing since. My family and I moved to Arizona in ‘96, where I’ve stayed for most of my life. During sixth grade, I built my first website to promote my obsession with Rollercoaster Tycoon™. I continued practicing web design through high school and eventually went to college at the University of Denver to study art, design, and digital media. I'm currently working as a visual designer at Fervor Creative in Scottsdale, AZ.


Okay, so you’re pretty into this design thing, eh? Tell me: Why design?

I believe that great design makes a lasting impression on those who interact with it. Too often, companies settle for mediocre design and generic marketing strategies. I want to be a part of a creative team that cultivates fresh creative thinking to inspire people to act, solving real problems. I want to stand out from the rest and do something new and unexpected. I believe that creativity at its finest has the potential to change the world. I want to create evocative work that makes a real impact on the way people live their lives day to day.

Well look at you, smarty pants. Do you have a life outside of work?

I keep myself pretty busy, but I do take breaks. When I’m not working, I like to play Halo and Call of Duty on Xbox Live, strum the ole guitar, tickle the ivories, or kick back at whichever bar or restaurant has the best selection of microbrews.

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